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Restored John Deer 3020 Diesel Hydraulic Functions on Back (2(x) 3 Point Hitch Hookup (2.3 Hours Since Restoration)

Ford Model 800 w. Box Blade


Lillian Russell Miniature Chest Mirror (Davis Cabinet Company)


 Lilian Russell Bedroom Suite (1(x) Bedside Table, Chest of Drawers, & Vanity w. Mirror


Wicker Seat & Rocker

Vintage Plant Stand (w. Leaf Design)


Green Multicolor One-Seater & Two-Seater


White Wicker Rocker & Multilayer Footrest


Decorative Stands


Oak Dining room (w. 1 Leaf)


(6(x) Oak Chairs


Butcher Block (30” x30”) 28.5” Tall 10” Thick


Dining Room Table (Cherry w. 2 Leafs)


8 Chairs (2(x) w. Arm Rest


Pink Depression Glass


Clear Depression Glass


Clear Glass Platters


Noritake China Set


Dessert Bowl


Milk Glass


Salt & Pepper China


Wooden Hail Tree w. Elk Design Centered


Vintage Oak Writing Desk


Multiple “Longaberger” Wicker Baskets


Victorian Couch


Curio Cabinet w. Led Glass


Hall Tables


Misc. Lamps


Model Tractors


Multiple & Limited-Edition Sporting Art Prints (Signed) (R.J. McDonald, Lee Rogers, Todd Mallett)


Original Sporting Art by Todd Mallett


Multiple Farm Scenes Prints (Signed) (Andy Smith, R.J. McDonald)


Wood Model Airplane


Norman Rockwell “Heritage Collection” w. Certificates of Authenticity


Vintage Animal Glassware


Political Memorabilia


Statues and Glassware


Vintage Distressed Red & White Table w. 4 Doors (35” x 38.5” x 18.5”)


Antique Wicker Basket


Antique Desk Lamp


Vintage 3 Pronged (Leaf Design)


Vintage Desk Light w. Barn & Withered Trees Scene


(3(x) Recliners (2(x) Cloth/ 1(x)Leather)


Wood Antique Jewelry Box


Colonial Chippendale Style Tall Full Size Emperor Grandfather Clock (90” Tall x 21” Wide x 11” Deep)


Wood Hexagon Chair


Side Table


Multicolor Clothe Footrest


Cherry Wood Study Desk w. Grape Leaf Handles


Wooden Chair w. Clothe Seat & Flower Patterns


Tall Wooden Armoire (86” x 46” x 22”)


Cherry Wood Bedroom Suite (Queen w. Dresser (Rare) Secretary, Vanity, Washstand, Desk & Bed-Side Stairs


 Disney VHS Movies (In Box)


3-Seater Multicolor Couch


Floor Lamps


Case Knives & Promotional Case Knives


Weakly County Bank Promotional Pieces


Wares Kitchen Knives




Carnival Glass (In Box)


Multiple TN “Blue Books” (Various Editions)


Wine Rack


Decorative Tables


Wood/Wicker Rocking Chair


Vintage Advertising/ Promotional Hats


Farmhouse Décor Norman Rockwell


Quilts (State of TN Flag/ Gleason “Welcome Home/ Homecoming Quilt)


Travel Luggage


Cross-Stitched Seat (Wood Chair)


Cranberry Glass Lamp


Fenton Pottery Pieces


Antique Twin Bed


Study Desk


Holiday Décor


Antique Corn Sheller


Parkers Brothers (1972) Ouija Board


Wicker Floor Planters


University of TN Alumni Association Certificate (Framed)


Vintage Platform Scale (Boda Standard No. 10) Vintage TN Vols License Plate


Vintage License Plate (UT Martin Skyhawk Club)




Antique Humpback Domed Painted Steamer Trunk


Wooden Porch Swing Set


Makeshift Daybed w. Box Springs


Wood Chairs


Vintage Wood Bench


Antique Wood Desk w. Organizer


Wooden Floor Coat Rack


Gov. Ned Ray McWherter Statue (87” x 95”) TN Dept. of Ag. (1854-2004) 150th Anniversary “The Plough”


House of Rep. US. Plate


Antique Victor Adding Machine


“A Tribute to the Champions 1997 SEC Champs Steve Ford 268/ 3,000 (Signed)


(2(x) Wood Office Display Pieces w. Shelves


“The Pride of Tennessee” Signed by Ned R. McWherter


Wooden Wall Coat Hanger


Wood Rocker Chair


1998 Vols National Championship (Framed Art)


Antique Caster Willed Safe


Antique Glass Tea Pots


Wicker Plant Holder


Display Shelf


Hart Hardware Cast Iron Bell


Red Rock Cola Sign


Chesterfield Couch




Job-Site Box


3-Point Hitch Boom


Terry Oliver Gold Coins

1873 $20 – (Not Sure if Open or Closed)

1882 $10 – Common Date

1901-5 $5 – Common Date

1854 - $3 – First Year (Low Mintage)

1908 - $2 ½ (First Year of Issue)

1909 - $2 ½

1909 - $2 ½

1911 – $2 ½

1913 – $2 ½

1878 CC Morgan Dollars

1884 “S” Morgan Dollars

1892 “O” Morgan Dollars

1899 “S” Morgan Dollars

1900 “S” Morgan Dollars

1921 – Peace Dollars

1926 “D” Peace Dollars

1935 – Peace Dollars

1935 “S” – Peace Dollars

Davy Crockett Silver Coin

1990 – American Silver Eagle

69(x) – Morgan Silver Dollars – Mixed Dates (Non-1921)

10(x) 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars

20(x) – Mixed Year Peace Dollars

20(x) - $10 FV Halves 90% Silver

20(x) - $10 FV Halves 90% Silver

20(x) - $10 FV Halves 90% Silver

15(x) - $7.50 FV Halves 90% Silver

13(x) - $6.50 FV Halves 90% Silver

60(x) - $30 FV Halves 90% Silver

27(x) - $6.75 FV Quarters 90% Silver

40(x) - $10 FV Quarters 90% Silver

7(x) – 0.70 FV Mercury Dimes 90% Silver

36(x) – 0.18 FV Halves 40% Silver



Browning - Belgium, Lightning, 12-Gauge Shotgun. Vent Rib. Over/Under Shotgun. Serial # 85175 S8


Harrington & Richardson - Topper Model 88. .410 w. Original Tag. Case Hardened Receiver. Single-Shot Hammer Shotgun. 


Bounty Hunter II – 12 Gauge, Side-By-Side Shotgun. IZH-43 (Baikul Russia). EAA Corp. (CoCoa, FL).

Serial # 0452353B


Remington 1100 12 ga, vent rib, mod. , L236298V, semi auto shotgun


Remington Wingmaster- 16-Gauge Shotgun. Plain Barrel. (Early Production) Imperial Cylinder. Pump-Action Shotgun. Serial # 502909W


Remington Wingmaster – 12- Gauge Shotgun. Imperial Cylinder. Vent Rib. Pump-Action Shotgun.

Serial # T837327V


Stevens Model 311 - Series H. 12-Gauge, Side-By-Side Shotgun. Serial # B789277


Winchester Model 190 - .22 Long or Long Rifle.  Serial # B1259251


Richland Arms – Model 600 AVM, 12-Gauge Shotgun (Brescia, Italy). Over/Under Shotgun w. Engraved Receiver. Double Trigger. Front Sight. Serial # 93308


Wards - Hercules Model 50. Side-By-Side Shotgun, 12-Gauge Shotgun. Double Trigger. J. Stevens 5000 Frame Case Hardened Receiver. Serial # C40180


Stevens Model 311 - Series H. 16-Gauge, Side-By-Side Shotgun. Double Trigger. Serial # A897741


Utica Arms Company - Simmons Hardware. 12-Gauge, Side-By-Side Shotgun. Double Trigger.

Serial # 40811.

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